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Club Decease
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Club Decease was formed from an idea that (singer/guitarist) Jason and (guitarist/synth) Loren had to mix heavy, aggressive guitars and drums with dreamy, angelic synth and vocals.

"We wanted to create something that captured the tension between light and dark, good and bad, and make them one." The result of this mixture is music that is multi-angled and quite diverse. This diversity comes as no surprise given that the band pulls inspiration from acts ranging from The Cure and Madonna to Type O Negative and Bjork.

While the band may be credited for being set apart from the norm, it is hard to deny the catchiness and almost pop-oriented structure of each of their songs. The band’s second self-released EP recorded by Clyde Holly (3 Doors Down, 12 Stones) at HollyHouse Recording Studio in Biloxi, Ms, is indeed a great display of the budding talent of these 5 songwriters. All 5 tracks ride the thin line between new wave, metal, and fantasy, creating a mix that is more than refreshing in a time when radio airwaves are bombarded with generic, processed bands.

Club decease is it’s own not five guys, nor a band; it creates the emotion of love and tragedy, like meeting the love of your life and having someone very close to you die in the same day.